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Curious Kids? TEA PARTIES are the Package for You!

After ten years of being in this business, we have had to get creative with changing things up. Lately, clients have been loving our newest craze- TEA PARTIES. The kids love being able to dress up and sit down for tea it is such a fun atmosphere for them and offers the chance to get up close and personal with the characters.

With the table atmosphere, it provides the perfect opportunity for the kiddos to ask questions and get to know our characters. With our typical packages, the kids love to get their faces painted and play games, but they don't always get the chance to bond with characters. Some kids prefer the fun and games, but I honestly love the personal touch that comes along with these tea parties!! A couple weeks ago, Mary Poppins (pictured) got the chance to read a storybook to the kids, filled with lots of question opportunities! One little princess even asked "What do you carry in your bag, Mary Poppins?" and she went on to open her bag and pass out little party favors to everyone. All of the children were so delighted to see Mary Poppins and left knowing her a LOT better!

If YOUR child loves to ask questions and wants to become BFF's with the characters, the Tea Party Package is PERFECT for you! Contact me at (951)-551-1348 or to schedule one today!

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