Children's Paint Parties

Little doodlers package (Recommended for ages 3-5 years)

  • Step by step instruction with an instructor

  • All materials needed: 8x10 canvas, brushes, apron, easel, paint 

  • Your choice of art design to be painted (We have over 100 options)

  • Story time

  • Party game and one prize for each child

  • Set up and clean up 

  • One hour and 30 minutes total time

  • 12 children included


Reg Price $225.00 Sale price $200.00

Doodlers package (Recommended for ages 6 and up)

  • Step by step instruction with an instructor

  • All materials needed: 8x10 canvas, brushes, apron, easel, paint

  • Your choice of art design to be painted (We have over 100 options)

  • Story time

  • Two party games and two prizes for each child

  • Balloon animal for each child to take home 

  • Set up and clean up 

  • 2 hours total time

  • 12 children included 

Reg Price $300.00 Sale price $275.00

Each additional child is $15 per child 

Upgrade your instructor to dress like a princess or specialty character for $30 additional

Here are a few ways art helps children to learn and develop in many ways:

  1. Creativity: Allows a child to express themselves

  2. Improves Academic Performace: Holding a paint brush, drawing with crayons and using safety scissors will help develop a child's fine motor skills

  3. Visual Learning: Step by step art education teaches children how to interpret and visualize the information

  4. Decision Making: Art strengthens problem solving and critical thinking skills. What colors will I choose or mix, will I use a brush or sponge or add glitter

  5. Focus: Keeping a balance between listening and contributing involves concentration and focus.Participating in arts will improve a child's ability to listen and focus in other aspects of their lives.

  6. Working together: Being able to share, learn and listen to one another teaches children that they have a common goal and in order to achieve that goal they must work together.

  7. Accountability: Children will learn through art to be accountable for their contributions to the group. If they do something incorrect they are able to realize it and take responsibility for it. Mistakes happen and they are apart of our day to day lives and learning to accept and fix them will help your child to grow well.


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