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A Wonderland Dream Tea Party

Fall down the rabbit hole and enter a world unlike any other where anything is possible and create the ultimate dream wonderland tea party experience for your child. As guests arrive have a welcome sign they need to follow to the full Wonderland experience with this super cute sign and large playing cards for entrance Once they enter you can create a cute chalk board sign welcoming them to the birthday child's special day. I love this chalk board easel I found which is also very versatile

Lets talk about table decor! They have really fun light up numbers you can add to any table as an accent that will showcase your child's age and also add a little fun. Every tea party we host we have the client bring there own snacks which we always recommend finger foods such as fruit, mini sandwiches, cookies, chips, veggies and more. We found these really affordable trays for finger foods that make it super easy to serve and also look elegant displayed.

Now lets talk about table presentation and how to create an elegant look that is also still fun for the kiddos. We use beautiful sequin runners for all of our tea parties and we recommend if you want to create your own look you can buy them in bulk here or also individually here Charger plates are available online as well in packs of 6 which is perfect for a kids party event as most tea parties have 6-12 children. Sashes are a great addition to spruce up the kids chairs We offer the full package but we also understand that some clients want to create their own look do we like to be able to share links with other parents to help with a successful kids party event.

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