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Our Princess just had the most amazing birthday party

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Surprising your little one with their favorite princess character can be such a magical experience for the parent and child. To be able to capture your child’s expression when their favorite princess arrives is definitely something you will never forget and neither will your child. Every party we strive to send only the best fit for your child’s special event. This past weekend we had one of our princesses celebrate for a very special 4th birthday.

Sometimes our character will arrive and there is a ton of excitement from the birthday child because we bring what every girl has always has wanted...... their very own princess tiara given as a gift from the princess herself. How AMAZING is that??? The best part is watching the princesses play games, interact and just have a blast together!

We make sure our princess comes prepared with a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. This party our princess just had such an amazing time playing games, face painting and singing. All of the girls had such an amazing time together with the princess they were not wanting her to leave. But the fairytale must come to an end as we hope to see you again next year for your next event.

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